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POCKET LEAGUE is a game which does not play the way you might expect from the name. Nor, probably, from the screenshot.

Two players enter, one leaves victorious. Don't worry about aiming, all you can do is move and shoot.

Developed for Fantastic Arcade's DUPLICADE game jam.

Many thanks to Radomir Dopieralski (thesheep) for his pyg.exe file: https://bitbucket.org/thesheep/pyg.exe/wiki/Home

Install instructions

Windows: To play: extract ZIP, click bat file. You do NOT need Python or Pygame installed, everything should be there in pyg.exe. Please let me know if anything breaks!

Linux/Mac/Other: Install Pygame and Python, do 'python pocketleague_full.py' in a terminal. I might try to make that an easier process, but honestly it's not going to get MUCH easier. :(

(The 'one game and then quit' ZIP is to fulfil the Fantastic Arcade requirements. Don't bother about it if you just want to play the game, it is tiresome to keep restarting the whole thing. It is otherwise identical to the other version.)


ZIP - Play again and again! 3 MB
DUPLICADE ZIP - One game and then quits automatically 3 MB

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